Where does an Urban Green Revolution begin?

With a concept, a product, a product line? With an interaction, a positive synergy between a concept, in a broad sense, and an array of products that allow this concept to be materialised in a simple and scalable manner.

missaoWhy an Urban Green Revolution, why the expression Green Revolution?

Because it is an immediate opportunity to do something for the future. Because everything that is good for tomorrow should begin right now. Initially, it will start modestly, later becoming consolidated and consistent. Green because this revolution involves plants. Green because it involves efficiency. Green because it involves sustainability and proximity. Urban because it will operate in an urban environment, which is the optimum location for people to live. For millennia cities have been chosen by humans as their place of choice to live.

The value of our revolution

We may accept that urban green environments provide four major kinds of essential services: leisure, aesthetics, ambience and sustenance. The first and last are easy to measure, the others less so. To talk about herbs and medicinal plants, to talk about fruits and vegetables, how valuable is it to have them at our doorstep, living with us, co-habiting in the city? How much is the discernment of a population worth, how much is an urban population, who enjoys living with plants – their beauty, freshness, energy and pace of life – worth? How much is it worth to a city, to a population, to swap grey concrete for the green of plants?

The strategy of the revolution

The concept takes form and functionality when products and techniques that are simple enough to use and maintain become available. These products now exist, large or small, indoor or outdoor, products that allow walls to be filled with green decorative walls, structures whose functionality goes far beyond their attractive appearance, productive walls with special aromas that bring food a unique and refined flavour, or that allow fruit to grow full of flavour, which is only possible when picked at peak ripeness. If all this is done creatively, simply and effectively, then cities, metropolises, will definitely be much more rounded, agreeable and interesting places. Sharing space with plants is rooted in our genetic code, harvesting and eating is a process as ancient as our existence, having the opportunity to live with plants, gather food, in the city, in the neighbourhood or at home, especially when the process is simple, can only contribute to individual and collective balance. This is the gift and opportunity of our Urban Green Revolution. Join us.