Horticulture Workshops for Children and Grown-Ups – Vertical Kitchen Garden

Last June, we saw the end of another workshop series on HORTICULTURE FOR CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS, at the Dolce Vita Tejo (the biggest shopping centre in Europe).

These workshops were facilitated by Associação Chão da Terra, with support from Minigarden. The main goal of Associação Chão da Terra is to spread environmentally friendly growing techniques and foster contact with soil and nature.


For a few days, people had the chance to discover the benefits of urban kitchen gardens and learn about growing horticultural and aromatic plants.

In an urban setting, the use of raised seed beds and vertical systems with low space requirements may be the best solution to build a kitchen garden. All the participants had the opportunity to discover the Minigarden Vertical system. Everyone was able to feel the soil with their hands and thoroughly follow the suggestions to make a Minigarden Vertical kitchen garden without ever forgetting the general principles of sustainable agriculture.

It was a moment of dissemination and learning for all the attendees. There was plenty of fun for grown-ups and kids.

… And so the workshop series ended, with due credit to Associação Chão da Terra.

Welcome to the Urban Green Revolution!

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A tip from Associação Chão da Terra:

1. Place the vertical kitchen garden in an area with at least 4-5 hours of daily solar exposure;
2. Fill the vertical kitchen garden bottom with a porous material to drain or absorb the excess water;
3. Choose an adequate substrate for the kind of plants you’re growing;
4. Adjust the plant and root size to your vertical kitchen garden dimensions;
5. Conciliate the plants according to their watering needs;
6. Increase watering in the hottest days.