Minigarden and indoor plants for a lovely home


A house decorated with plants is without a doubt more comforting and beautiful. After a long day outside, opening the front door and seeing a living being — even a non-thinking one — is heart-warming. Its gleaming flowers and leaves will surely bring joy to a grinding, grey day.

As I read somewhere, flowers at home inspire the possibility of growth and prosperity — an encouraging thought. Adding one plant to an ensemble of home fixtures is already a step to domestic blissfulness however solitary. So allow yourself to be more creative, and provide some company to the aloof plant sitting in the corner.

Because the range of decorative options is quite wide, the most important thing is to choose one source of inspiration: a colour, a theme, one picture. Anything goes. Then, after choosing the plants that best suit the room, and with the help of Minigarden, play around with the disposition.

Flowers and colour: the easiest recipe

Let’s start with an easily appealing idea: colourful flowers. Plants can be an indoors source of light and colour. If you enjoy colour coordinating your life, create a single-toned patch by choosing different species with similar-hued flowers.

For a dramatic effect, make sure the plants bloom at about the same time. For example, African Violets have tiny purple flowers that match beautifully with Gloxinias, Oxalis, and Brazilian Fireworks. These ornamental plantas bear flowers all year long, except for the Brazilian Fireworks that only blossom from August to November. If you prefer fiery tones, go for Geraniums and Begonias.

Decoration using leaves



Flowers are not the only show-stopping feature of plants. Many leaves are as interesting, if not more, as flowers, with their varied colours and shapes that turn a room into a green oasis. Ferns are essential for this collection: the Bird’s Nest Fern and Boston Fern are the most well-known of the group, and widely used as indoor plants. The Spider Plant has variegated green and white leaves, perfect for a more dynamic feel, and the Polka-Dot Plant is a great example of a non-green leave.

Succulents and cactuses: a sculptural space

Because of their interesting shapes, succulents and cactuses are essential elements to the construction of an elegant space. Not many people go for these two botanical groups. However, besides being an original option, these plants also ensure you’ll get a surprisingly beautiful final look.

Succulents and cactuses look almost like sculptures, and most of them are neutral-coloured, which is great if you want to be bolder in other decorative areas. The Mistletoe Cactus is an amazing plant with slender, narrow stems that grow into long, thin branchescorner-column
— during spring, its green colour is accompanied by white flowers.

Another great addition to your succulent wall is Jade, a plant with oval leaves intricately arranged as if it was purposely sculptured by nature; during winter and spring it also gives birth to white flowers. Aloe hardly needs an introduction. It’s highly popular, but not always seen as a garden plant. However, Aloe’s greyish leaves bring a dynamic tone to this mainly green group of plants. Finally, add Echeveria — the queen of this selection — to your urban garden. Echeveria is the fairest of them all.

Decorating with Minigarden is a joy due to its modules flexibility. There are many brilliant examples of what to do with Minigarden Vertical, and Minigarden Corner to turn any room into a unique space: place a simple column in each of the corners of a living room using Minigarden Corner, or build a partition wall to create intimate living areas with the help of Minigarden Vertical.

Erase the border between outside and inside, and give in to the trend of ambiguous rooms. Have fun with Minigarden’s newly found creative freedom.