Minigarden Basic S Pots - Technical Specifications


Minigarden Basic is made of high-strength polypropylene copolymer and contains additives to protect against UV rays, making it capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions (solar radiation and temperatures).

Minigarden Basic S Pots is composed of 9 easy to assemble components: a watertight platform at the base, 2 lids with a round opening into which the pots are inserted, a round base to support the reservoir, a removable reservoir for water and nutrients, a feeder lid and a geotextile underlay to be placed inside the watertight platform.

Minigarden Basic S Pots
Minigarden Basic

Irrigation and Nutrition

Thanks to an ingenious system for storing water with nutrients and irrigation, Minigarden Basic allows ornamental plants, aromatic plants or small vegetables to be grown and maintained without the need for the usual daily care, as the system ensures regular irrigation and nutrition according to the plants’ needs.

Patents and Registrations

Minigarden Basic S Pots is protected by a patent.

Technical Data

Selling Unit:


Maximum Pots Width:

Maximum Deposit Capacity:





Manufacturing Guarantee:

Other Features:

Minigarden Basic S Pots

39.4 x 14.4 x 21.5 cm

12 – 13 cm

1.25 lts
0.46 kg

Polypropylene Moplen with UV protection

Matt, Grain MT-11007


3 years

100 % recyclable

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