The Minigarden One can also be used in conjunction with the Minigarden Corner

Design and modularity

… and also with the Minigarden Vertical to achieve the desired width for your installation.

Fits any space

Whether on a balcony, patio, terrace or even indoors, choose the combination and configuration that best fits your space. For example, for a corner, we suggest an L-shaped configuration using Minigarden Corner modules to make 90-degree angles and topping off the system with plants.

Give your imagination free rein

You can also create freestanding square or rectangular structures (without the need for mounting) using Minigarden Corner modules for the “vertices” and Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden One modules for the “edges”.

6 sets of Minigarden One, 2 sets of Minigarden Vertical and 4 sets of Minigarden Corner


4 sets of Minigarden One and 4 sets of Minigarden Vertical


Watering and Nutrition

The quality of watering is fundamental to the growth and health of the plants.

For small-scale installations, use the Minigarden Watering Can

Choose the right combination for the width of your wall

Our vertical cultivation system has 3 types of modules with different widths. When combined horizontally in a wall installation, the overall width differs depending on the number and type of modules chosen.

Do not forget that, in this type of wall installation, the Minigarden Corner modules can only be connected longitudinally at the ends and may thus be topped off with plants.

Watch the three examples shown in the picture on your right, where different combinations of modules have very similar total widths.

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